Saturday, December 26, 2009

Creative vision

I love this... I saw this painting when I went to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Title: Field Painting
Artist: Jasper Johns

Elle U Vi (is LUV)

These are pictures of my store
 model that I constructed for class.

For this project, I used doll house furninture, foam core boards, paint, and other materials.

*Elle U Vi Boutique*

Visual ARTS

Rihanna...GOES OFF!

When Rihanna first steped out onto the scene, her style appeared to everyone as a "good girl". Now, we've witness the good girl go bad. Rihanna's style is original, hard, edgy, classy, trendy, and Cute. Rihanna style is imitated now a days by a few young women.

Welcome to my Fashion Show.

I can't sew.
However, I can design and create what I visualize.
With that being said, here's a sneek peek of what you'll see in the future........

Style is what you make it.

Looks that I put together using photoshop. (I dream to become a stylist)